Our Work

Web Tech is dedicated to serving the needs of Western Washington University.

Whether we’re offering strategic counsel or navigating a crisis, our goal is to support the conversations and ideas that are changing the way we teach and how we learn. Our team is committed supporting this institution that helps provide the spark - and space - for success.

Here are just a few case studies highlighting our work. For additional ideas and inspiration, explore the Colleges page

Case Studies

Window Redesign

Sample banner from Window: windmill with headline text, "How we know the energy transition is here"
Special Project

Find a Space @ Western Libraries

Front page of "Find a Space" which includes links to Study, Services, and Restrooms; links to spaces; with reading room ceiling as background
Department, Special Project


A student pumps their fists to the cloudy sky, as other students admire the Cascade mountain range from a craggy mountaintop.
College Division

Window Magazine

Two individuals standing on a grassy outcropping overlooking the sea.
Special Project


A bullet listing of policies, searchable by title, number or keywords
Web Components/Custom Elements

Office of Equity

A group of students from all walks of life converge in red square: the central plaza at Western Washington University

Western's Employment Hub

Three screen shots
Special Project