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Web Communication Technologies, affectionately referred to as WebTech, is a team of skilled web developers that provide tools to the entire Western community for them to maintain a successful presence on the web. Whether you run a single webpage within a site or manage an entire college, WebTech is your resource for making the site work the way you want for your students and staff.

Contributing back the work we do is important to WebTech so that others may benefit from the time and energy put into solutions. Our most prominent work is within the Drupal project. Additionally, Able Player and Ashlar are two significant efforts we support in addition to improving the general Drupal software.

Meet the Team

Exciting Changes in Drupal 10

Noticed that things look a bit... different... when editing your website, but couldn't put a finger on it? We upgraded Western's Drupal websites to the newest version, Drupal 10 this June. While there aren't any noticeable differences to website visitors, web editors are celebrating several new slick features and improvements in this upgrade!

Read What's New in Drupal 10 to learn about the changes and enhanced developments for content editors.

Web Application Development

Person working on a laptop, also holding a spiral notepad and pen.

Web Tech collaborates with departments and faculty to develop customized applications and software for specific academic needs. Connect with us to learn more.

Accessibility Guidance

Student wearing glasses and a button down shirt  working at a laptop in an big open area.

Web Tech supports Western's efforts in diversity and inclusion by ensuring web content is accessible for all users. Explore the Accessibility Guide, or learn how to create accessible documents and accessible social media.

Web Maintenance

Western's homepage depicting an early application headline

Web Tech develops and maintains the institutional website, in addition to guiding and reinforcing the work of web editors throughout Western's community.

Recent Web Projects

Window Redesign

Sample banner from Window: windmill with headline text, "How we know the energy transition is here"
Special Project

Find a Space @ Western Libraries

Front page of "Find a Space" which includes links to Study, Services, and Restrooms; links to spaces; with reading room ceiling as background
Department, Special Project

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