About WebTech

WebTech Services

WebTech provides web development services, web templates, and web training for the Western community.

Whether you need a homepage refresh or a complete architectural overhaul, access to Siteimprove reports, Drupal training, directory update or other technical assistance, WebTech can help. Explore our wide range of services and learn the best way to request assistance for your project or needs.

What we do

  • Develop and support the institutional website
  • In partnership with University Communications and University Marketing, develop, maintain, and update the Western Brand and Communication Guide
  • Create and support tools and web templates for Drupal, WordPress, and Blazor applications
  • Collaborate with faculty and departments to develop and support software for specific academic needs
  • Provide design and usability support for campus-wide tools (e.g. myWestern, universal login, etc)
  • Recommend web standards for usable, accessible, modern websites
  • Provide website help for the Western community via the web.help@wwu.edu support line
  • Provide training and classes for faculty and staff at Western

Our web standards and help line are designed to make it easier for campus groups and individuals to create and maintain accessible, attractive, usable websites.

Meet the Team

Wayne Bakker

Wayne Bakker backlit in the sunshine, standing in front of an evergreen tree in Hawaii.
Senior Software Engineer

Max Bronsema

Max is wearing a black t-shirt with the keyboard keys CTRL + C shown. He has long brown curly hair. His youngest baby boy is in the photo with short fuzzy hair.


360-650-4868 Old Main 360 Remote Thursdays & Fridays

David Engebretson Jr.

David wears a 2020 celebration of excellence medal while standing in front of his apple tree.
Digital Technologies Accessibility Coordinator


(360) 650-7755 Remote

Carly Gerard

Carly wears a shirt with the text "Perceivable & Operable & Understandable & Robust". She has light skin, shoulder-length brown hair and big eyes.
Web Accessibility Engineer


(360) 650-3944 Remote

Jean Nissen

Jean in a puffy down coat sitting on a rock, looking over a turquoise lake below. She is holding a camera up to her eye taking a photo of the picturesque view below.
Website Developer


(360) 650-2438 Remote, On campus Tuesdays

Nigel Packer

Close up of an eagle owl perched on a post with a dark background, staring forward with penetrating golden eyes.
Drupal Developer

360-650-4229 Remote

Stephanie Paulantis

Stephanie wearing a black velvet gown with magenta trim and beading, standing in front of a backdrop of a staircase.
Front end developer/designer


360-650-4227 Remote

Alex Waltrip

Alex smiles in front of a drawing board, wearing an athleisure shirt.
Website Developer


360 650 3604 Remote

Old Main in the height of summer with the surrounding deciduous trees in full foliage..


The best way to reach us is by email. Although our offices are located in Old Main 360 on the Western Washington University campus, our collective hours are varied, and many of us work remotely.

Mailing Address

WebTech, MS 9028
Western Washington University
516 High Street
Bellingham, WA 98225