Banner/Splash Image Setup

Single Page Instructions

For banners that appear on a single page, or should be unique for each individual page, simply use the Banner Block in a "One Column - Full Page Width" in Layout Builder.

This block gives the option of overlaying text, or having a full width image that crops to a given height.

Multiple Page Instructions

If you would like a single banner that appears across a whole site, or multiple pages with a consistent URL pattern or content type, you can do that by using the block library and block layout.

  1. Go to Structure > Block Layout > Custom Block Library
  2. Click + Add custom block
  3. Select Banner
  4. Fill in the block content, then click Save
  5. Go to Structure > Block Layout
  6. Find the Content section, then click Place block
  7. Find your recently created banner block in the list and click Place block
  8. On the Configure block screen, decide whether or not to display the title. Optionally, set visibility rules for where the block should or shouldn't be displayed, using URL patterns. Click Save block.
  9. Drag this newly placed block to an appropriate place in the Content block region. It should be above the Main page content block.
  10. Scroll to the bottom and click Save blocks.