Window  is the University Magazine, with a physical and digital distribution to  Alumni and friends of the university. The magazine highlights stories  of interest for students, faculty, and staff, and alumni.


Previously, Window's content was being managed in Drupal in conjunction with Western Today. The front end  was a decoupled Angular app. The app was on an outdated version of  angular, and was becoming difficult to maintain. It  was an inflexible platform with template layouts. Stories were only published on a quarterly basis. The editors of Window wanted more  flexibility in designing custom story layouts. They also wanted to move  towards a digital first publishing model, publishing stories on a rolling basis before the print issue is sent out.

Window also needed a graphic design refresh. It had its own branding that did not immediately read as "Western." But, the University's  Drupal theme, Ashlar, wasn't quite the right fit for the project. The needed to both come under the brand system, while continuing to feel like a unique entity. It also needed components more tailored  towards a publication platform.


In Drupal, we separated Window's data from Western Today's.  The stories were all migrated from the Western Today Drupal  instance into a new one for Window.

We also moved from a decoupled front end into a Drupal theme. The  window theme is NOT a sub theme of Ashlar, but it does share the base  variables stylesheet and the same atomic structure. Because the theme relies on modern CSS variables, this creates a  branded look, in a light weight and flexible package.  Components were adapted to the specific needs of Window, without needing to worry how they function in a more general way across other sites. Only the components used on the site are contained in the theme, so there is no unnecessary code to maintain.