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SENATE & Standing Committees
Faculty Senate View
1 Senate Executive Council 2015-16 View
2 Academic Coordinating Commission (ACC) View
3 Faculty Legislative Representative (FLR) View
4 University Planning & Resources Council (UPRC) View
5 Academic Technology Committee (ATC) View
6 Senate Extended Education Committee (SEEC) View
7 Senate Library Committee (SLC) View
SENATE College Governance Committees
0 - College Faculty Governance Ctes View
A - CSE Policy, Planning, and Budget Council View
B/C - CHSS Faculty Affairs Council View
D - CFPA Faculty Governance Council View
E - CBE Faculty Governance Council View
F - Fairhaven Personnel Committee View
G - Huxley Personnel Committee View
G - Huxley Policy Committee View
H - Woodring Faculty Affairs Council View
I - Library Governance Committee View
ACC Standing (Report Annual) Committees
1 Committee on Undergrad Education (CUE) View
2 Council on University Programs (CUP) View
3 Graduate Council View
4 Honors Board View
5 International Programs Advisory Commitee (IPAC) View
6 International Studies Curriculum Committee (ISCC) View
7 Recruitment Admissions Support Cte (RASC) View
7a Scholastic Standing Committee (RASC sub-committee) View
ACC College Curriculum (Minutes) Committees
College Business & Economics (CBE) View
College Fine & Performing Arts (CFPA) View
College Humanities & SocSciences CC View
College of Science and Engineering (CSE) View
Fairhaven College CC View
Huxley College CC View
Teacher Curriculum & CertificCncl (TCCC) View
Western Libraries CC View
Woodring College Curriculum Council View
Provost & VP Committees
A-Faculty Develop. Grants Committee View
B - Academic Honesty Board View
B-Judicial Appeals Bd - Students View
B-Student AcademGrievance Board View
Disability Advisory Committee View
UnivAccredit&AssessmtAdvisCte View
Student & Student Life Committees
Associated Students Green Energy Fee View
A-Student Technology Fee Committee View
Counseling Health & Wellness Svc View
Faculty on BFA Ctes Committees
Access Control Mgment Cte View
Banner Initiatives Steering Cte View
Central Health & Safety Committee View
Emergency Management Committee View
Parkg&TranspAdvisory PTAC View
Parkg&Trnsp Capital Implement. Advis View
ParkgAppeals Board View
Sustainability Committee View
Univ - Senate Committees
A - Academic FEE Committee View
A-LGBT Advocacy Council View
PATENT & Copyright Cte (RSP) View
Service & Activities Fee Cte View
Student Publications Council View
Archive & Office Committees
2015-2016 Department Chairs View
New Faculty 2014-15 View
New Tenure Track Faculty 2015-16 View
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